Exploring Eton College Library’s Craig Collection

Stevenage Museum’s team of volunteer co-curators on the Who is Gordon Craig? project visited Eton College Library’s extensive archive of Edward Gordon Craig’s books, designs, artwork and correspondence on Monday 24th October.

Our volunteers, a diverse group of Stevenage locals, viewed and selected items for display in Stevenage Museum’s forthcoming exhibition on Gordon Craig’s life and work, opening in February 2017. Eton’s Michael Meredith, an expert on Craig and rare books, was on hand to answer the team’s questions and to help them explore the collection, much of which is rarely viewed by the public.

Craig, a significant and radical modernising presence in 20th century theatre, died in 1966 after a long and prolific life. He left a profound legacy in the history of theatre, art and printing.

For more information about the project or to get involved, email: info@whoisgordoncraig.co.uk

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