Mr Lenthall, Engineer

Return to Meeting Mary Tabor

“And I suppose I must have applied for, eight or nine different opportunities, one of which was Stevenage.

I didn’t get a reply very quickly, and we were, going back up to Doncaster to see our relatives, there was family who were still living there, and on the journey back as we passed through Stevenage, my, my wife said;

“I, I don’t know what’s the matter with Stevenage. They don’t seem to want you.”

Anyway, she stuck her tongue out at Stevenage as we went through on the old A1.

A week later I was interviewing. 

We came and we were shown round by, Mary Tabor, who was the Housing Manager at that time, and I was, quite intrigued because we saw, I think about seven different types of houses, how, as we came to each house, somebody in the group would say,

“Ah, that’s the one for me.””

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