Portrait of housing officer Mary Tabor in her office

Meeting Mary Tabor

When the new town was first built, there were strict rules for who could get houses. You had to get a job, work in Stevenage for six months, and then you got a house to rent. The houses weren’t cheap to rent, but they were generally new houses with gardens and many people came from overcrowded rooms primarily  in London.

When you got a job you had to see Miss. Tabor, the first housing officer in Stevenage she had the job for many years and many interviews mention her as a key figure:

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Mr Alford, Architect

Mr Lenthall, Engineer

Mrs Hampson

Mr Lowe, Builder

Mrs Askew, Pioneer

Mrs Rees, Community Activist

Mr Hayward, Emergency Service

Mr Severn, Pioneer

Mary Tabor, Housing Officer

2 thoughts on “Meeting Mary Tabor”

  1. I enjoyed the blog, which took me right back to my Stevenage days, 1967-70. I would appreciate an update on how much use has been made of my archive material relating to my time as the first playleader at Bandley Hill Adventure Playground. You may wish to know that the London and international aspect of my Children’s Play and Playgrounds archive is now housed in the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnall Green, London, where it can be consulted by arrangement with curator Alice Sage.

    Kindly note my new email address to which you can send a repy. Thank you

    Donne Buck


    1. Dear Donne Buck, we are greatly appreciative of your contribution to the collection, and are currently showing photographs and clips from oral history interviews as a part of the exhibition ‘Growing up in a New Town’.


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